Project Nova

What is Nova

The Network Obfuscation and Virtualized Anti-Reconnaissance (Nova) system, developed by DataSoft Corporation, is an open-source software application for preventing and detecting hostile network reconnaissance.

The Nova system creates a large array of thin virtual machines on the network.  These VMs are created using an updated Honeyd to be extremely lightweight.  The VMs run network "services" which are just shell scripts, so they look real from the network perspective.

Nova uses machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and classify attempts at hostile reconnaissance and alerts network administrators immediately when activity is suspect.


Nova Security Products

The Nova appliances are rack-mounted servers with the Nova software pre-configured and ready to use.  Simply plug the appliance into your network, follow a short start-up wizard, and start using Nova to protect your network.  Combined with enterprise level support, Nova couldn't be easier to use.

SWN1UA:  Entry Level Appliance for small networks

SWN3UA:  Industrial Appliance for Class-C Networks

SWN3U8:  Industrial Appliance with 8 Independent Ethernet Ports

SWNS_12:  12-Month Software Support Package

SWN_2TR:  Nova Custom Installation and Training


Cyber Security in the News

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  Verizon Data Breach Report Released revealing 78% of intrusions are relatively easy and states energy used to release security patches needs equivalent resources to make the network security system stronger.  Nova uses software agents to work as decoys to catch intruders before they do harm.  Read Report

  Accenture Technology Vision 2013 report on Active Defense.  Nova is mentioned in a section entitled "Fooling enemies more of the time.." .  Read Report

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