Project Nova

Join the Nova Community

There are many ways in which to get involved with Nova, no matter what skills you have:

Download and Use Nova

The number one way you can help out Nova is to use it!  Deploy Nova on your private enterprise network, your home network, or anywhere else you can think of.  Use Nova on a variety of platforms and distributions and let us know how it goes.

Find and Report Bugs

Any bug that you find and report is a way to make Nova better.  Please report any issues you have on our Github Issue Tracker.  No issue is too big nor too small.  System crashes, performance issues, installation problems, anything you experience.  We want to hear about it.

Fix a bug/Write a Patch

Come on and join us on IRC, channel #nova as we hack away.  Our Github page contains the latest code and documentation.  The more users we have, the better Nova becomes.

Help Improve Classification

Have you seen a false positive or false negative from Nova?  Why don't you help us figure out what caused it.  Nova uses a machine learning algorithm to detect hostile reconnaissance, so it is therefore heavily dependent on the training data set.  (Mechanism coming soon.  See us on IRC in the meantime).