Project Nova

Nova Tutorial Videos

Cyber Security and the Nova System:

DataSoft's internal security solution, the Nova Anti-reconnaissance System, detects network reconnaissance efforts with tools like Nmap and Nessus and denies access to real network data while providing false information to attackers.  Nova manages hacker snooping by creating a large network of realistic decoys where finding the real network machines is difficult.  Simultaneously, Nova identifies hackers by their early reconnaissance activity and automatically alerts the network administrators with a situation-awareness view of their network.  This increases the time network administrators have to identify and respond to an intruder.  The Nova Anti-reconnaissance System, a turn-key solution, is an offensive strategy that uses constant surveillance and deception to trap attackers and save vital information.

How it works - A Nova demo

This video shows a demonstration of how Nova works by highlighting the important pages on the web interface, Quasar, and by showing the important information to view when using a Nova Security Appliance.